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New Market Medium: Computer Graphics & Digital Art

The 2009 Three Rivers Arts Festival Artists Market will accept artists working in computer graphics and digital art in their own new medium category.

Many artists have embraced technology as yet another creative tool. There are countless possibilities to create imagery using the advanced software available today, and the process is as inherently creative and labor intensive as working in more traditional media. Computer graphics and digital artists produce their work for sale as archival-quality prints and giclées.

Adding this new category lets us distinguish artists who use the
computer as their primary creative medium from photographers who engage
in the digital retouching that is now commonplace. So who qualifies in this category? The best example from the 2008 Artists Market is Leroy Pettis. Leroy manipulates original photographs of Pittsburgh (and beyond) to create digital artwork. His works start as photographs and end up as something new. Photographers who use programs like Photoshop to make darkroom-style adjustments to digital negatives should still apply in the Photography category. As always, be sure to describe your process in detail when you apply.

Digital artists have been participating in the Three Rivers Arts
Festival for several years. This new category will better classify artists who had previously applied under another medium. We also hope the
addition of this category will open doors to new artists
who previously thought they didn’t qualify for the Artists Market. We hope that this category reflects our respect for your medium and your unique artistic process.

Apply for the 2009 Artists Market online at Zapplication. Read the rules here. Application deadline is February 16, 2009.