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Pittsburgh, PAJune 3-12, 2016

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Emerging Artists Crystala Armagost & Carl Palka

Eight artists will have their first foray into outdoor shows thanks to the Artists Market’s Emerging Artist Scholarship program. Since 2002, Emerging Artist Scholarships have allowed local artists to experience the Artists Market risk-free, covering the cost of booth rental, tent and display materials. The program consistently brings a diverse selection of artists into the Market environment.


Crystala Armagost
June 5-9, Plaza Booth 41

Today I’ve been checking out pieces from Crystala Armagost, one of 2009’s Emerging Artists. Armagost’s work encompasses print-making, 2-D mixed media collage and sculpture, all with a political edge. For instance, take a look at her series “The Kitchen Prints,” a collection of drawings and prints that engage stereotypical representations of women, often culled from advertisements from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I was particularly impressed with her piece “Percolator (variation),” a print depicting the ghostly outline of a faceless housewife against the background of a drab collaged kitchen.

I’m also digging her “Sound Series,” a collection of drawings of turntables, headphones and

 other sound-producing technology. As someone who still listens to vinyl, I appreciate the focus on technology that many people consider obsolete

Image: Revolve, India ink and acrylic on wood panel

Carl Palka
June 10-14, Plaza Booth 41

Carl Palka.jpg

In a different vein, Carl Palka takes and prints his own sepia-tinted photographs and then hand colors them with colored pencils. In some of the pieces, you can’t immediately tell that these aren’t simply color photographs. But the longer you attend to the image, the more it becomes apparent that something strange and wonderful is happening

Palka, a former art teacher, also has more abstract work that captures the natural world and colors it with eye-popping, imaginative hues. You can still tell that the same talent is behind the work, but the effect is much different. That Palka can elicit such a variety of reactions is proof of his abilities.

Image:Budapest, colored pencil on photograph