10 days of free music + art

Pittsburgh, PAJune 3-12, 2016

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Hi, I’m blogging for you

Or should I say: Hi, I’ve been blogging for you! After introducing you to the first few Emerging Artists Scholarship winners, we realized that I’ve rudely neglected to introduce myself.

Tim Haney

So… I’m Tim Haney, and I’m currently interning at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the Festival’s parent organization. One of my big jobs is to keep you informed, on this here blog, about all of the events that will come together to form the 2010 Three Rivers Arts Festival.

I’m a student at Pitt majoring in History and Philosophy, but not for long, as I will be graduating this weekend.  And to answer your questions, no, I am not going to graduate school and no, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.  In the meantime, I’ll be helping out with the Festival.  Hopefully I can find some time to enjoy the Pittsburgh summer riding my bicycle, brewing some delicious beer and playing with my band Ursa Major.  Album out sometime this summer!

That’s about it for me. Make sure you stay tuned because we still have two headliners to announce in addition to a whole heap of information.  See you out there. GO PENS!