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Pittsburgh, PAJune 3-12, 2016

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Emerging Artist Profile: Gloria Tsang

For Gloria Tsang, pottery is as much meditation as it is creation.  “I love the warm wet clay oozing through my fingers and its flexibility to manifest my artistic curiosity and creativity,” says the artist.  That meditative quality shows in the design of her ceramics: from the simple swirls of vines etched into the side of a bowl to the violent spatters of paint on a traditional tea set, the artist’s personality shines through.

Tsang immigrated with her family to Pittsburgh from Hong Kong twenty years ago.  “I believe my Asian heritage keenly influences my work,” she says. “A taste of ‘East meets West.’ My works are kind of a mix of contemporary and traditional style.”  She’s been working with clay for eleven years—first as a hobby, then as a passion—slowly developing her craft and her style.  In 2010, one of her pieces was chosen for the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival’s Juried Art Exhibition.  This year, she returns as one of the Emerging Artist scholars.  “Knowing that people appreciate and enjoy my works makes me feel really good,” Tsang says of her Emerging Artist scholarship. “It serves as a motivation for me to reach for the next higher level.”

Tsang’s ceramics are both aesthetic and functional.  “My collection consists of various kinds of bowls, baskets, plates, vases, jars, teapot sets—and my signature ‘shopping bags.’ My big pieces are as tall as 2 feet in height,” she explains.  “I start all my works from scratch. It is all ceramic.”

See Gloria Tsang’s collection of ceramics at Booth 73 in the Artists Market from Wednesday, June 6 through Sunday June 10.