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Pittsburgh, PAJune 5-14, 2015

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Emerging Artist Program Brings New Blood to TRAF

It’s almost a given these days that Pittsburgh is the new go-to city for artists. The thriving arts community and low cost of living give artists veteran and new a chance to ply their trade—and since 2002, the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival has been doing its part to help emerging artists in the […]

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The Sprout Fund is at the Giant Eagle Creativity Zone

This year, the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Art Festival is excited to welcome the Sprout Fund to its Giant Eagle Creativity Zone!  The Sprout Fund is one of the city’s leading nonprofits and it has a noble mission indeed:  “To plant the seeds of positive community change in our region through providing financial support in the early stages of projects […]

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Emerging Artist Profile: Ron Copeland

For the past three years, Ron Copeland has lived by the philosophy that one man’s trash is another man’s art. Copeland will “light up your life and your room” with his light box sculptures made from salvaged materials. He uses recycled signs and Plexiglas to create bright, colorful lamps. Copeland adds to the lamps with […]

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Emerging Artist Profile: Samantha Momeyer

Ceramic artist Samantha Momeyer, with her functional stoneware pottery, strives to create a sense of permanency in a fleeting world. Momeyer explains, “I like to make objects that people can use everyday, in an attempt to push some of the disposable items out of their lives.” The peculiarity of each piece of pottery is important […]

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Emerging Artist Profile: Suzanne Andrews

Suzanne Andrews brings ordinary objects into a new light, literally, with her abstract photographs.  Using natural lighting, Andrews photographs vases, tools, chairs, lamps and the like but, “tries to make them look different so that people will look twice at the pictures.”  Turning the mundane pieces of everyday life into brilliant works of art is […]

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Emerging Artist Profile: Katie Rideout

Although Katie Rideout features faces in her drawings, she avoids calling herself a portrait artist.  Katie explains, “I love to draw faces; ones that capture and entice me, that make me have to look, and take my breath away with their expression, void of language.”  Rideout’s purpose for her art stems from the need to […]

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Air Your Grievances with Complaints N’at Choir

The city of Pittsburgh, to most of us, is like a family member. We love it, sure. We love its down-to-earth-ness, its low cost of living, its distinctive working-class vibe. But we also love to complain about it. The buses are late. The steel mills are rusting along the rivers. And we can’t buy beer […]

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Rose Clancy Makes Composting Simple with Diversion

  Rose Clancy wants you to think about your trash. For many of us—even those of us who separate our cans, paper, and plastics into our big blue bins—our banana peels and coffee grinds and apple cores go into the garbage, to be hauled off to the mysterious netherwhere of the landfill.  That waste is […]

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Emerging Artist Profile: Leah Beal

The silver jewelry created by Leah Beal contains more purpose than merely adorning a body.  In her Pod Series, Beal works on the idea of “comfort spaces.”  As she explains, the silver pieces are made to be “held in your hand and give some sort of comfort,” because, “Rolling the rounded, hollow object around in your […]

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